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Upcoming Events

February 4, 2024

Lord's Table 

The Lord's Table celebration was entrusted to us believers as a gospel presentation to the world. We are called to present to the world the body that was broken for our sins and blood that was spilt. Join us as we commemorate with wonderful truth through the symbol of partaking of bread and wine as exemplified by Christ Himself.

February 11, 2024

Family Fellowship

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity! Ps. 133:1

Food, Fun and Family. A great opportunity for growth and connection with God's family through team building games and most of all, learning from God's Word.

February 16, 2024

Church Camp

Who's excited for a date night?

There will be a couple's banquet on February 16 at 6pm in Genesis Center, Multipurpose A& B (main floor).

Let us feast on God's word, sumptuous dinner and enjoy our fellowship together.

There are babysitters available.

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Here’s What’s New

New Life Baptist Church believes Christianity is not just a religion, it is a lifestyle. It is following a Savior, a Master, a Friend. Showing and sharing Christ's love and humility. Here are some sneak peaks of life BEING THE BODY of Christ.

Covid-19 Contingencies

July 5, 2021

Mask Mandates and restrictions are finally lifted up. We are thankful to God for working in our behalf throughout the pandemic. He is truly in our midst. While there will still personal responsibilities to help limit the spread we are inviting everyone for in-person meeting at the church building as we are commanded in the Bible to never forsake the assembling of ourselves together. Looking forward to see you in person.

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